#2,153 Satbirthday.

Today, we did nothing but celebrate little peoples’ birthdays! Sam and John Walker were born on almost the same day, except 1 year apart, so I suspect I’ll be spending this Saturday for many years to come in birthday mode, which is just fine with me. There are wiggly hugs, big wet kisses, cupcakes and French onion dip to be had. First it was a little afternoon lunch party for Sam at Josh and Em’s gorgeous home that tends to really elevate a simple little party with checkered tablecloths. It was the most beautiful day! Somehow Josh was just outside the frame in every photo I took, but I assure you he was there with a party hat stuck to the right side of his head.

And a couple hours later, we were headed out to the country for Walker’s birthday. Can you believe he’s 2 years old? 2 years ago Clark and Amanda were bringing him home from the hospital after a long, anxious day in a hospital waiting room after months of tenuous waiting, praying his birth mother wouldn’t change her mind at the last moment. She made the most selfless choice in the world and was a blessing to this family in ways we could never explain. I hope God gives her a hedge of protection, that woman who was strong enough to give a piece of herself to a family whose hearts had a Walker-shaped hole until he was born.

Walker had just woken up from his nap and was feeling very sleepy and clinging to mama (whose haircut is SO DANG GREAT)…

Until my daddy rolled up in the tractor, Walker’s most favorite thing (besides Thomas the Train).

The kids and mamas hopped on for a hayride through the winding trails in the thick woods.

And then we sang the birthday song to our big boy…

Who blew out the candles on his tractor cake.

My daddy was so patient and sweet, helping Walker eat his birthday cake. It’s rare to see the softer side of Dr. Phil.

It’s hard to get a good photo of a boy constantly on the move.

And then we roasted marshmallows in the chiminea while the toddlers were winding down.

Happy birthday, Sam and Walker. I pray you’ll grow from strong boys to great men with every year that passes.