#2,157 11 Hours + Church Thanksgiving.

When I blogged last night, it was from my phone, in bed, half asleep at TEN O’CLOCK PM. It’s been junior high since I went to bed at 10, but I had a sick headache all day that sort of took the wind out of my sails and I just couldn’t stay awake. We had very stormy weather all through the night and next thing I knew, it was 9 am and I had slept 11 hours.

Mama told me I seemed tired and just needed to rest, so I reckon she was right. I’m used to 7 hours a night, so this was super decadent!

Then tonight after work was the annual Thanksgiving dinner and dessert auction at church where Ben helps our choir director, Joey, do the auctioneering.

There’s always plenty of good cheesy jokes and fake fast auctioneer number yelling—“45,50,50,45,dowehave50?” (what the heck do you call that?) and really good dressing. How is it the holidays already, y’all?!