#2,163 Dress Drawing + Gun Shooting.

We’re going to the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art gala in a couple weeks and I’m stressing over the fact that I still don’t have a dress to wear because I’ve imagined my dream dress and it simply does not exist on planet Earth. Tonight Ben’s mama scoured the internet with me in search of a vintage 1930s dress pattern that she could use to make the dream dress, but we just don’t have enough time to make it happen if we could find the pattern (which we have not, though I really like the illustrated versions of this, this and this). I sat down and sketched out my dream dress and it goes like this:

It would be deep dark emerald green and fit sort of like a Piko top with long, tight sleeves, a gathered drop waist, flat silk sash, backless, with layered silk for the skirt and a slit to the thigh. I would wear it with a jeweled necklace that reminds me of antique brooches and dark red lipstick.

Anyway, I’m having no luck at all so far and would love your recommendations if you know of someplace off the beaten path I should be looking! I won’t be spending a ton of money on it, so I’m open minded!

While I was daydreaming about fancy dresses, Ben, Sam, Jesse and Jared were out in the field doing the Southern gentlemanly tradition around any cold-weather holiday—shooting guns. I love the chivalry about it, seeing good men who know how to use a gun. It feels very American in the best way.