#2,166 Midnight Oil + Special Delivery + Rocky.

Man oh man, it was a long day. We worked 9:30 to 9:30 today trying to make the last big push to finish the new website before it launches Monday. Ben is basically living in the woodshop till then, and I’m living in the studio with the empty boxes getting all the inventory documented and the last website issues worked out. The new blog will have a few neat little features that I spent most of tonight finishing up. Man, y’all. I hope you like our new home over there when we move over to ErinAndBen.co!


When we finally got home, tired and hungry, we found a big box at the front door addressed to Ben.


He couldn’t wait to try it all on.
In other news, we’ve been watching the old Rocky movies since we’re all going to see Creed Sunday afternoon and I nearly killed myself running listening to Gonna Fly Now this morning in hopes of squeezing into the dress I found for the gala (which I’ll show y’all in a week!). Growing up with Clark in the 80s meant watching all the Rocky movies over and over and over, around the clock, and it’s a sentimental experience that makes me feel like a little child again.
They each remind us all of my big brother and how those movies were a kind of fight song for him even as an adult. He endured so much to become a doctor after nearly giving up on college all because of the encouragement that came from his meek and loving wife Amanda, our family’s own little Adrian. Boxing, school, your career, it’s all the same when you feel like you’re losing until someone believes in you enough that you decide to do whatever it takes to win. It sounds trite, but it’s true, friends.
I can’t wait to sit next to him in the theatre Sunday and run up those steps in Philly all over again.
Ben’s family’s movie is Hoosiers and they can recite it line by line. Does your family have a movie?