#2,167 Shop Small Saturday + Derek + Egg Bowl.

Mallorie and I did our duty and shopped locally for Small Business Saturday. First we hit Southern Antiques which is always crazy busy, but then it made me really happy to see SO MANY PEOPLE shopping at our mall that used to be sorta sad but is going through a revival. Kinda like our whole town, come to think of it. GO LAUREL! 

I got a cute plaid flannel cardigan thing and she got the best big, soft creamy white off the shoulder sweater that she may never get to wear if Mississippi doesn’t pull out of this 80 degree weather. We’re sweating down here, y’all.

Ben has been in the shop since sun up trying to complete the standing desk and I helped the only way I knew how, by making a Lowe’s run for a certain kind of wood filler he needed. I was walking through the parking lot when I heard someone say, “Hey, make something good today!” I turned around and said, “WAIT. You read my blog?!”

This is Derek, who reads my blog. I am endlessly tickled to know that there are a few huge, burly men out there reading along even with my posts about pancakes and makeup tricks and wedding invitations etc. etc. etc. He took this picture and texted it to me. You made my day, dude! To my knowledge, that now makes like 5 men whom I know of that read this thing. What if there are hundreds and I had no idea?! WHAT IF?! I NEED TO TALK ABOUT MORE DUDE-FRIENDLY THINGS.

Like, for instance, Ole Miss won the Egg Bowl against Mississippi State tonight. It’s the biggest rivalry of the year for Mississippi and we felt lucky that it went our way this time.

I can’t believe another football season has come and gone. The weeks after the Egg Bowl, I always miss those Saturdays when I know my family will all be together no matter what, there on my parents’ back porch where we will always be HOME home.