#2,197 Instagram Explosion.

Because Joanna was gracious enough to give us a shout out on her instagram today, the Lucky Luxe account exploded and gained 1,000 new followers.

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I’ve had the best day, reading the comments you left on our introduction post—all you makers and dreamers and magic-in-the-mundane seekers! Look at you! So full of spark and eager to share it with the world! This also means some of you good folks who are reading today are brand new to the Daily Journal a.k.a. Make Something Good Today. You longtime readers know that Jo called me about doing some design work for her back in the summer (on this day—another great reason to document your life daily, you can google things that happened!). We first connected in February 2015 when we took a trip to Waco and since then have visited a few more times and become long distance friends. Since there are so many new people in the neighborhood, I think it makes sense to do a recap of sorts on all the important topics. In a couple days you’ll get the year-end-review and then we’ll basically be like 1st cousins.

  1. Speaking of first cousins, one of mine is named Jim and he lives around the corner from us with his wife, Mallorie, my best friend who was my roommate at Ole Miss. We hang out with them every day and you’ll hear about them a lot if you stick around.
  2. I started this blog on January 1, 2010. It was my first day of self-employment making wedding invitations (when lucky-luxe.com was just a baby) and I decided to start a blog as a resolution to stop being a negative Nancy and force myself to write about the best thing that happened every single day of my life. I called it ‘Make Something Good Today.’ 2011 rolled around and I stuck with it. Today, you’re it!
  3. Ben did United Methodist student ministry for 10 years before retiring from it last summer. Now he’s a full-time woodworker making fine pieces with reclaimed wood. He won Duluth Trading Co.’s Paul Bunyan contest a few weeks ago and the prize included some clothes and bragging rights.
  4. We launched this website (erinandben.co) November 30, 2015 as a replaement for MSGT and to be like a chassis that holds together all of our creative pursuits and shops. It used to just be me, the blog, and Lucky Luxe.
  5. We don’t have any babies yet, but Lord willing, it’s in the plan someday.
  6. We’ve been keeping a huge secret since about December 17, 2014 (that has nothing to do with the point above, ha!) that forced us to be really quiet and vague all summer. And now we’re just DAYS away from telling y’all the whole story. IT’S SO CLOSE! Seriously. I mean it this time, y’all!

I’m really glad y’all are here. We’re a community of creative people who are always looking toward the light in the dark and trying our best to lift people up instead of tearing them down. If that sounds like you, you’ll fit right in.

P.S. We got to do a fun interview with Thimblepress today for their Mississippi Monday series. Y’all hop over if you have a minute and are interested! This pretty much sums up the point of the article if you’re pressed for time:
I think it’s the responsibility of the creatives to make the general public realize how cool it is to be a Mississippian, to grow up in and come back to our small towns. If you love it, find your own way to tell the world, constantly, consistently, and sooner or later the world catches on. It’s just a matter of perception. 

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