#2,212 No Hill For a High Stepper.

When I was little, I would go walk laps with my aunt Phyllis and cousin Kelsa at the high school. I would get tired before them, always, and aunt Phyllis would declare: “It’s no hill for a high stepper!” which would give me and my 7-year-old legs a second wind. I was thinking of that tonight. I haven’t exercised since well before Christmas, and now I will give you a list of excuses why:

  1. Because at Christmas it’s important to spend time at home, cozy, watching Christmas movies during the time I would normally spend exercising.
  2. I decided I would get back to it in January.
  3. But then I was super sick the first week of January.
  4. And also, I’ve been working late doing stuff to get ready for the show to air.
  5. It’s just so cold out there.

Aaaaaaand tonight, after realizing how my back is hurting again, I knew I was out of excuses and it was time to move my body around and let it know my muscles still work and I’m alive. My back was immediately relieved. But it was really, really, really cold, y’all. I’m such a wimp. My ears started aching and Ben put his toboggan on my head which made me feel instantly warm all over but also, like a boy. That’s the crux of it when you have short hair…

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 9.30.06 PM
Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 9.31.05 PM


Hats can make you look just like your brother.