#2,239 Illustrating.

Oh goodness, y’all. I got frustrated with my abilities today and wished I could do more than I can. You ever been there? It’s like I know the caliber and kind of work I want to make, but I’m just not there yet. I need more time and practice. I spent the morning with intentions of starting an illustrated watercolor map of the town with all our favorite landmarks, but ended up just doing a few of the landmark icons and no map because I was stumped about where to begin. BUT, I did get this far and I’m thinking I may try to add it to the website somehow and make each place a clickable link to a Google map.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.35.46 PM

All our shops and restaurants have been reporting lots of visitors from out of town because of the show (!!!! thank you sweet people who are visiting!!!) so I just want to somehow give y’all a tour of just a few of our favorite places since we can’t do it in person for each of you. Stay tuned!