#2,238 Souper Sunday.

For only the 2nd time, we got to be guests instead of leaders at the church Souper Sunday luncheon hosted by the youth group and if you know me at all you know an all-you-can-eat buffet of homemade soups is my dream. I could live off of soups and cereals alone and be a very happy woman. Today I went with tomato bisque and chicken taco soup. Mmmmm. 

And also if you know us at all you know Ben and I aren’t into pro football and so the Super Bowl isn’t a big deal to us, but the food associated with it is reason enough to go to a Super Bowl party! Tonight we went to Casie and Mikey’s brand new house with Jim and Mal and had potato soup (!! more soup!) and lots of delicious appetizers to boot.  

While these girls did each others’ hair.  
I think Peyton Manning won, so yay! The Mannings seem to be a really, truly great family. Did you ever watch that 30 For 30 episode about the Mannings?! I maybe (probably)  cried.