#2,237 HGTV Home Town Encore + Supper Club.

We finally have an air date for the encore of our HGTV pilot! Help us spread the word: Tuesday, February 9 at 10 pm cst (11 pm est & Pacific)!

 We never would have known if not for our friend Brittney who just happened upon it while scrolling the TV listings. She was the first to know! 

We had a lovely lazy day after a grocery shopping trip, and I just spent it cleaning and doing a little painting while Ben caught a cat nap on the sofa.   

And after a quick trip to the butcher shop where the pups got bones on the house:  

We headed to supper club at Katy and Stevens’ house. Our friend Akeem is an NFL player for the Colts and is rarely at home in Laurel, but tonight he and Sierra and their baby girl were there along with all the regulars.

 We did a devotion on letting go of some of the “good” things so our hands can be free to reach for the “great” things God has for us. It’s a lesson I’m trying so hard to implement this year.