#2,254 Safe and Sound.

There was so much in the news last night about what a terrible storm front was coming, the schools and many businesses closed early so people could be at home safe. I was a toddler when the Glade tornado demolished a neighboring community and it deeply affected me, hiding in the bathtub with Clark and mama and pillows, waiting for the freight train sound to stop. So when the red covers south Mississippi on the news report, I get the most anxious fearful feeling in my gut. I waited all day for the storm to hit, and ran home before it was supposed to be bad. Ben had to go the woodshop to load a piece of furniture on a truck for delivery to Florida, so I was left alone with the tornado siren and the frantic 20-something meteorologist on the local news station.  

I read magazines… And noticed the rain just kept falling hard and flat, no wind or strange colored skies to frighten… And then it passed. And there was no tornado. And tonight I’m feeling very thankful but prayerful for the people who were hit all around us today. Will y’all say a prayer for them too?

I’m also feeling so very thankful for God’s provision in the weirdest season of our life ever. He is SO GOOD. 


I’ve decided it’s easier to put a hedge of protection around my heart if I turn off comments on this blog indefinitely. I so hope my old friends who’ve been here to greet me with your sweet words each morning will email me once in a while. I’m really going to miss y’all.