#2,256 Tupelo Furniture Market.

We’re in north Miss for a couple days for the Tupelo Furniture Market which we’ve heard about but never experienced until today.    

It’s roughly the size of 6 huge shopping malls joined by hallways where furniture and home goods manufacturers from all over the country showcase their product lines, and we had an exciting meeting that ended with Ben holding a prop pistol that belonged to Elvis in a movie.  

We were so happy to see our friends Adam and Lily of Adam Trest Home there. Soon, they’ll be our shop neighbors in downtown Laurel! You’re going to love his beautiful patterned fabrics. After the market we headed to The Neon Pig, a local charcuterie,  for dinner and small business talk.

It feels so good to talk about ideas and concerns with people who are going through small business growing pains just like we are. I’m thankful that God has put so many of us on a similar path together so we can support one another along the way.