#2,261 Processing the Processes.

I am fried. I am whooped.  

When you realize how quickly your new full time (impossibly amazing and unexpected) job is looming on the horizon, as in making a TV show, as in just a couple months from now, the urgency to create streamlined processes for every aspect of your 3 existing businesses becomes… Overwhelming. And, well, urgent. But today, despite my art brain, I feel like I started making real progress in the way of getting all these weird, idiosyncratic “processes” of mine worked out and standardized so that the good folks we will trust and hire can run things without us at the helm. It takes so much digging to get to the root of the process then tighten up every step as it goes so it makes the end result easier. I know this is such a boring entry for y’all. I’m sorry about that. But conquering my cripplingly creative mind and forcing it to think administratively ain’t easy. It’s hard for me. And man I’m thankful for all the help God keeps sending my way with friends who know much more than I ever will about how to run a business and how to be an entrepreneur. Those are two very very different things, you see. 

I can’t wait to get up in the morning and see how much further I can make it on this insane list of to-dos. I just know if I focus hard and listen to enough Carole King while I plug away at this… I will triumph!  

(Y’all… Please know this movie reference!)