#2,265 Sunny Day.

What a wonderfully unproductive day we had after a morning spent working around the house. The fence was finished by 1:00 except for the post caps Ben is going to make and now we have to wait 2 weeks before painting it so the treated wood dries out completely. It’s going to be looking like the ponderosa out there until then.

And then we took a ride in my car with the top down for a cookout at my parents.


 I love our house, its sunny rooms and deep porch, in the heart of our little city, with its creaks and history. But it will never have my heart completely. My parents’ house in the country will always be my real home, the place I grew up, where I played hide and seek in the island cabinets and climbed to the top of the magnolia tree in the front yard, with its acres of green grass, trees and water and sky, and when all of us are there on that back porch, cooking and listening to Van Morrison, my heart could burst from the fullness and comfort of it.