#2,264 The’Sip + Life.

After work today we rushed home to sweep the spiderwebs out of the corners in the porch ceiling and threw some pillows on the bed for a quick photoshoot for The ‘Sip Magazine’s spring issue.   

 The story pertains to how Ben and I met and how we work and live creatively, which was a little out of the ordinary and really fun to discuss. I’m not sure when it’ll be on newsstands around the state but I’ll keep y’all posted in the event you’d like to read it.

And perhaps the best thing that’s happened in over a month is tonight’s discovery of my favorite cereal that’s suddenly gone missing from the shelves in our Walmart, which used to be the only place to find it. Thank goodness we had to run an errand in Hattiesburg and Ben relented to my begging that I run in and look for my beloved Life maple & brown sugar. Lo and behold…  

All is well and it’s not been discontinued yet. WHEW. If I ever totally run out, “things are gonna go to a hundred,” in Ben’s words.