#2,263 Running Buddy.

I think you all know about my strained relationship with exercise. I know it’s good for me. I feel good when it’s done. And for a few weeks now I’ve been forcing myself out of bed, into my running shoes and around the track at Gardiner… And hate every second of it. But after I do that, I go home and take the pups on walks separately now that they’re too strong to walk together because if, say, a cat were to appear in our path, my arms would be dislocated. Chevy doesn’t love to exercise, he loves to sniff and saunter. But this feller right here… 

This is my running buddy. Baker runs right by my side, as long as I will go he goes too, his head steady, his fur and ears blowing in the wind. He never runs ahead of me, but right beside me, never tiring. And in that way he pushes me to keep going, just a little further, we can make it to the corner can’t we? 

And we always make it.