#2,669 A Day Without A Plan.

Today we had no plans, only to take our time and to be outside. We walked along the shore for a couple miles. We took a drive across the Lillian Bridge to Pirate’s Cove. We laid on our beach blanket, a gift from our friends Anne and Josh, reading our books until it was time for dinner. We got to sit next to a table where a couple, huge HGTV fans, announced to their parents they were expecting their first baby. We hugged them and felt lucky that we just happened to be in the same place for their huge moment. My mama cried a happy tear when their mama did.

It’s been one of the best days of vacation ever, mostly because I’ve been right here in my other childhood home with mama and Big, without plan or agenda, just time and sun and cool breezes.

And Doritos. 


Our dear friends and neighbors, Ross and Laura and Sabrina, lost their dad (and daddy-in-law) today. Our hearts are broken for them, even though as Christians we know today is a celebration, a homecoming. If you wouldn’t mind, I know they would appreciate your prayers.