#2,668 The Beach.

We got out of town with mama this morning. 

We received two instances of incredible news that both made me scream and jump up and down. 

We went for dinner to celebrate, and met Leon and his boss who are huge fans of the show!

We sat on the dock and felt very happy.

My parents bought this place 20 years ago. I spent my summers growing up jumping off this dock. Once, I did it in the dead of winter on a dare. Mama told me I’d get pneumonia, but the water was still 70 degrees. I would go to sleep at night smelling like Coppertone, and spent the days with salt tangling my long, long hair. I fell asleep for several hours on the beach once and have a freckle on my cheek to forever remind of that sunburn. I daydreamed a lot, on boats and docks and the shore. But I never dreamed my grown up life would look like this. Grateful doesn’t begin to cover it.