#2,667 Good End to an Anxious Day.

Can I tell you something?

Tuesdays are so exciting now because of the show.

They also make me anxious. 

I spend the whole day anticipating, wondering what y’all will notice or like. I get jitters for our sweet homeowners who haven’t seen any of the episodes and it’s brand new for them on national television each week. I wonder what trolls will try to hurt us with a cutting remark. I worry over if the rooms will look on film the way they actually did in life. It’s a very naked feeling every week. For an hour, our hardest work and efforts, our faces and clothes and accents are laid out on the national stage for consideration and commentary. It’s strange and wonderful and scary. I don’t think it’s something I will get used to any time soon. 

But then we got to the watch party that the Episcopal church hosted for Will and Courtney, and saw a room full of faces who are our foundation. Our town. Our friends. Our neighbors. Our family. Nothing else matters then, when you’re surrounded by the community who is living this with you. Who are just so proud for the world to see where we all live and love. It’s a heartening moment, and the thing that matters most about these strange days. 


We trended #1 again tonight on Twitter. Thank you so so so much for being a part of this with us and spreading the word every week.