#2,666 McDonald’s + Walter Anderson.

Today’s title line seems contradictory, huh? 

I’m not proud when I tell you that I was hungry for McDonald’s when I left work tonight. The last time I ate it was November, at midnight, with Jim and Mal, two days before we opened the Mercantile. But for supper I had a delicious 290 calorie cheeseburger with the little tiny chopped up onion pieces, pickles, mustard and ketchup and it hit the spot.

In the mail we got the most touching gift today… Walter Anderson’s family saw the episode where we featured his artwork 2 weeks ago and sent Ben and I each one of his calendar prints: our birthdays. They are both so so lovely, and I’ve never had one of his prints with his hand coloring on it (even if it is a print, it’s the same to me!)

I’m going to treasure them forever.