#2,270 Blue Crab Grill.

When the Blue Crab Grill opened early last year, we were some of the first folks to eat there the week of their soft opening. Things were a little rocky with so many new people learning the ropes, but the food was good. I’m not much on seafood so we haven’t visited since then until tonight because Mallorie turned 30 today and her favorite meal in the world are (is?!) crab cakes, so by George we were getting crab cakes for the birthday girl, torrential flooding or not. 
And OH. MY. STARS. We had the best restaurant experience ever. The food was ready 5 minutes after we ordered and my shrimp and grits were so flavorful and delicious, it made me think I could warm up to seafood if it’s always like this. And also, HUSH PUPPIES. Can I get an amen? 

Now I understand why their parking lot is always slammed. Eat here, Laurel. It’s so good!