#2,272 Waco Field Trip.

Some of our amazing city and state leaders planned and organized a day trip to Waco in order to see the economic impact TV has had on their city. They invited Ben and I to tag alongSo bright and early this morning we boarded a private jet with some of or city officials so graciously arranged by Sanderson Farms, an international company based here in Laurel who have several private planes that go to their Waco location daily. 

I have been a nervous wreck about this flight for many days. Between my fear of flying and the catastrophic floods that have been covering the southern states, I was a little on edge.    

 And in just one hour, we were meeting our friend Emily at Magnolia Market for a tour of the silos. 
We even got a sneak peek inside the new bakery before we took the big tour. It’s going to be adorable!   

 They estimate 7,000 people would come through the doors today. I believe we saw them all in an hour. It’s like Disney World!

 Next up was a lunch at the Hippodrome with Waco’s economic development and Main Street representatives and our old buddy old pal Jimmy Don dropped in!

   We saw a little piece of home at the Hippodrome too. How cool is that?!  

And after a really lovely flight home with only minimal white knuckling on my part, we were safe and sound at home again by 3pm. 

Airplanes, y’all.  

They scare me so bad but they’re awesome.