#2,684 You Had Time + Tickets.

I found myself thinking today about the music and books that influenced me so much in my growing up years. I remembered this book on my desk, and how I loved it as a 9th grader struggling to feel like I had a place, a tribe to fit into.

I remembered the Ani Difranco songs I loved so much then, too. I had a conversation this past week with our friend Allison about a song by her called You Had Time, about how beautifully nuanced the live version of it is on the album So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter. I picked up my guitar and recorded it to send to Allison.

It felt good to sing that old song I haven’t thought of in so long.

We went by the Mercantile on a mission this afternoon. We’re speaking at Mississippi Magazine’s (coincidentally titled) Mississippi Mercantile event May 5-6 that celebrates shopping locally all over our state and we’ll have a booth for our store there, too. We’ve got 10 free 2-day passes and hid them all over the store for some lucky shoppers to find tomorrow/today/Saturday. 

I hope we get to see some of you there!