#2,683 To Be Continued.

First things first…

It’s an incredible day because we can finally announce some big news we’ve been sitting on for a week, dying to tell you. 

We got renewed for season 2 of Home Town! I can’t wait to see our favorite circus come back to town, to hug their necks, to eat inordinate amounts of snacks on set and get dinners together at the Loft with our amazing film crew. I can’t wait to see what new families we will meet, what homes will be restored!

We also got to spend the morning speaking to a huge crowd of Mississippi business leaders about the revitalization happening in Laurel, and it made my heart pound to stand on that stage and talk about the thing we’re so passionate about, to see their faces as they began to imagine the possibilities for their own towns. 

Mac Macanally, the 8-time CMA musician of the year winner who is sort of like Mississippi’s James Taylor and guitarist for Jimmy Buffett was there too!

What a day, friends. What a day!