#2,687 Curls Are Back.

The humidity is inching ever closer to 100% these days (even though we’ve got amazing cool breezes! Best of both worlds!) which means my curls are back in season, and I feel more like myself that way.

Girl talk today: I've been getting some emails from folks who are curious about what product I like best for my hair that swaps between curly and straight, parted left or right, about a dozen times per episode on #HGTVHomeTown. The answer is: the cheap stuff. I've been using Garnier Sleek and Shine shampoo and conditioner just because I like the fruity smell for many years and it seems to do right by me. I use a little Tigi root boost when my hair is wet, then depending on the humidity and which side I part it on and if it acts like it has some sense, I decide on straight or curly. A super skinny curling iron does the trick on days it's having a mind of its own and needs some direction. I like using volumizing powder and just a little of the good ole cheap Tresemme level 4 hairspray, and that's it. Camera ready! I owe any positive comments on my haircut to my amazing stylist going on 10 years, @nikkidill. I hope that's helpful to you other pixie-haired ladies. What are your must-have beauty products? (PS — I inherited my grandmother's barely-there eyebrows and so a little blonde shadow and a very precise brush make all the difference.)

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I also got to have some fun in my studio designing signage for our booth at this weekend’s Mississippi Mercantile event. We’ll be speaking, and I hope to see some of you sweet people there!