#2,292 Day 2 (Hand Models & Whatnot).

This whole experience is the stuff Benadryl dreams are made of. You know the kind, where none of it makes sense but it makes sense and you know you’re dreaming but maybe you aren’t? That’s what this is like. When we walked into “our” kitchen, it was Christmas and we made hot chocolate. 
 And the next scene was summertime!

And while I was in the kitchen working on that, Bekka, who has been a hand double for Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain in movies, was busy making pimento and cheese as me! Never in my life have I thought a hand model is a real thing or something I would ever encounter, but it makes it possible to cover twice as much ground in a day when you have a double doing scenes that don’t show your face. Is that not the craziest thing ever?

Ben ate a bunch of sandwiches and sang some Garth Brooks.

This is Ryan, one of the amazing camera guys who worked on The Revenant and Ironman. The Revenant!  IMG_8544-0.jpg


And then we wrapped on the 12 hour day before a a lovely dinner in Santa Monica with our bosses and directors.  

  Ben and Andy are twins. This was very funny to us after the long day we had.
And now, I’m barely awake and headed north on the Pacific Coast Highway for a weekend in Santa Barbara. I hope there will be tacos. And croissants.

I’m nearly in tears with gratitude for this experience. We are praising God for opportunities that expand our imaginations and hearts and bring new friends into our journey. What an adventure He’s put us on!