#2,696 30 Rock Day.


We’ve done it.

We’ve been on the dang Today show. I got so nervous when we first got there, y’all. I was afraid I would go blank and forget what to talk about. 

But Laura and Lynne from HGTV were there with us, talking about back problems and renovations at their houses and before long I forgot about being nervous altogether because we were just visiting with the girls from work.

Soon, it was time to go out to the stage.

And I saw Jenna and Hoda and Kathie Lee and Dylan and felt SO STARSTRUCK.

But soon we were hugging their necks and talking about Hoda’s first job down in Mississippi at a news station in Greenville and they became regular people just like that. 

And we did our segment that you can watch right here! It was surreal to stand in that room.

Next we headed a few floors up for an interview with Access Hollywood:

And one more interview to finish our working day at Yahoo!

Before hustling as fast as we could to make the taping for The Tonight Show

Lindsey met us there because, thanks to her friend Caroline, we all got tickets to the show and got to sit in the audience and breathe the same air as Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey for a while. But there were ABSOLUTELY NO PHONES allowed, so this is all I’ve got to show for it:

 I won’t ever forget this trip and getting to spend a whole day exploring 30 Rock, and I won’t ever stop feeling grateful for so many once in a lifetime opportunities God has for some reason decided to give us. It’s all a big gift that we don’t deserve, and I just want to be a good steward of it all somehow.