#2,305 J. Allan’s.

After a super productive day with renewed energy at the studio, we rushed away right at 5:00 to head to Hattiesburg for our first ever meet and greet at J. Allan’s in Hattiesburg. The weather was so scary about 20 minutes out, we were driving 30 MPH on the interstate and couldn’t see anything out of the windshield, and I felt incredibly relieved when we made it through to the other side unscathed.

But it was all good because we got to spend the evening hanging out with some of the Home Town gang and snacking on Cotton Blues catering while we met so many sweet people who braved the weather to come out for the party.

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We even got to see Mrs. Patrick, our college yearbook advisor. As you probably know by now, her class is the reason Ben and I met and fell in love within a couple days. She’s such a special person in our story!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.02.33 PM


I got to see Aunt Mae Mae today and she was looking beautiful and so vibrant! It can’t be overstated how thankful we are that she pulled through her near-death illness a couple years ago!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.07.07 PM