#2,304 Revelation.

I woke up this morning feeling stressed and burdened by a hill I’ve been climbing for a long while now and I realized today after an incredible conversation with my dear friend Megan… I don’t have to keep climbing. I don’t have to keep picking weeds to try and make a bouquet when my garden has roses sprouting up. I can change the direction whenever I want to. I can tell you it pertains to owning and operating multiple businesses at the same time with my heart being divided by the needs of them all and I can tell you that tonight I’m going to bed feeling so good about things. Every morning the sun rises again, every spring the flowers come out of their hiding, and life is constantly changing before our eyes, regenerating, and growing. Just as the pear tree in my side yard can grow and lose its leaves and then sprout them all over again, our careers can do it too. Tomorrow I’ll start my day with my eye on the prize, reaching for the starfish instead of trying to hold all the broken shells.