#2,312 Home Safe.

I woke up to a text message this morning saying that Ms. Susan, the elderly lady from the apartments on the next block who had wandered off yesterday evening, finally walked back home at 3 am, confused, cold, dirty and wet, but in good spirits. The entire neighborhood sent up texts saying “Praise the Lord!” and “God is good all the time!” and the first thing I did after my shower this morning was head straight to Mammaw. All night while we were looking for Ms. Susan I imagined my fragile little grandmother wandering in the total darkness of Daphne Park, confused and afraid and hurt and it was devastating. It was so good to wrap my arms around my Mother Goose and know she is safe and cared for. We talked about the search party, how I was so sleepy this morning because I didn’t sleep well for worrying, she agreed it was time for me to take a break from wedding stationery to focus on everything else coming at us. Specifically, what she said, in her limited post-stroke vocabulary, was “Foot no. Can’t. Too much.” After 30 years as her granddaughter, I knew the full depth of the statement and it made me smile.

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As I was leaving, I gave her another hug and kiss and she untucked my half-tucked in button down, smoothed it, held my hands and said, “Better. I love you, girl.”


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