#2,311 Help.

After 6 months without being moved from my parents’ driveway out in the country, we jumped off my little 2000 Beetle and headed down the road… But soon, my sensor for the engine running hot came on, so I pulled over in my childhood church’s parking lot. And when I tried to crank it again, the battery was dead again. So Ben came to the rescue… And as he was pulling up, his truck ran out of gas. It was like a bad joke.

Thankfully, several of our friends from my old church were walking into Wednesday night prayer meeting and hung around helping us till my mom showed up with a full gas can. How lucky could we be?

And tonight, Ben and I are combing every street and creek and park in the city in search of a dear elderly lady from our church who wandered off from her apartment this evening. It’s unbelievable the way every person within a 2 mile radius, no matter if they’ve ever heard of her or met her or not, are walking the streets and the alleys with flashlights, driving to the hospital and looking for her. Please be in prayer for Mrs. Susan, y’all. She’s got to be so very tired from so much walking.