#2,317 Nola Daytrip.

We had to run some errands in the Big Easy for the show, and it was such a fun day! We got there super early, did some shopping, saw our friend Holly’s great work from her own HGTV pilot, Big Easy Reno: 
Headed to the French Quarter:

Then to the INCREDIBLE St. Roch Market for dinner. Southern Living didn’t steer us wrong on that one. It was magical! Have you heard of this place? It’s a beautifully renovated old market that houses a dozen different DELICIOUS restaurants, so it’s sort of like a food truck court in a way, without the trucks. You MUST GO FOR DINNER.   

We even got to spend some time with our dear old friend Friedrich, our head letterpressman at Lucky Luxe for many years.  

And of course… Beignets! 
Another successful New Orleans trip in the books.