#2,320 Go Team.

Today we got some of the team together to start making our plans for the season 1 Home Town adventure and it all feels just right.   


If today is any indication of what our working relationships will look like this year, it’s not going to feel like work. It’s going to be fun and full of collaboration with people we trust and admire.

Since we’ve been given this process in bite-size pieces, you stop seeing the forest because of the trees and it’s very easy to forget the reality of the fact that we’re making a dang TV show. For TV. That people can watch. It all feels like we’re doing these unremarkable, small tasks. Scout a few houses. Do a few drawings. Shop. Talk about it. Hammer, drill, repeat. These tasks feel so…  Regular. Normal. But the pieces of the puzzle all come together at the end and… It’s a show. It’s amazing how ordinary it all feels in the moment. And I’m so overwhelmingly thankful to be given such an opportunity.