#2,323 Welcome Party.

Tonight we had the great pleasure of welcoming our entire team of producers, directors, designers and HGTV’s senior Vice President for a season 1 kick off party at my parents’ house, which is where we had our wrap party last year. It was so very good to see our old friends again, who are comfortable enough here to make themselves at home in my mama’s kitchen, playing with Walker and Lucy, and feeling like they’ve been here all along.    

We even took our HGTV exec down to the lake to shoot. He’s a New York guy, but 7 years of living in Tennessee has made him a bit of a country boy, it seems.   

Lindsey even made the trip down for one night!

 These people; Lindsey, Jenna, Kit, Toni, Angie, Jim, Meagan, Christy, and Steven, can’t imagine what blessings they are to us. To our whole town.