#2,337 Day 1.

Well, so, today was incredible and it was fun and it didn’t feel like work even though this is now our job… But I’ve got a little problem going on with some lower back pain that made it a little tough for standing up and walking all day. Fortunately, they rushed me through the urgent care clinic with a shot to help the pain, so hopefully tomorrow will be even better! No spoilers in my daily posts, you can count on that, but I can tell you it was a house tour day with a family and I fell in love with a kitchen and a porch.   

 It will never stop being fun to hold a slate in a picture because HOW IN THE WORLD DID WE GET THIS JOB?!  

Jesse made a great stand in for framing:


“It’s a wrap! You can turn in your microphones!” 

“Let me just detach it from the inside of my shirt here…”  

 And now I’m gonna spend some time on the couch before bed. Here’s hoping for a pain free demo day!