#2,743 The Big Bathroom Shuffle.

Wednesday morning is going to be demo day on our new bathroom addition, which means we’ve got to get ourselves ready for the next 6 weeks of living in a construction zone on top of rearranging our bedroom to accommodate the new doorway that will go into the en suite bath. Let’s look back and remember the bathroom the way she was:

A perfectly good bathroom with the exception that Ben is enormous and struggles to get in and out of the very tall walled jacuzzi tub shower with that bum ankle he’s had since 2011, and the bathtub with jets that you can never get truly clean make me anxious. We’re extending the room 5 feet into the side yard to allow for a walk in shower AND the tub of my dreams since I spend my favorite part of the day there before bedtime, soaking in epsom salts and drinking a huge glass of water with crushed ice while I read. It’s weird, but it’s what I love.

Here’s a sneak peek from our amazing architects, Lake + Land Studio whose gorgeous work you’ve seen on Home Town:


And a quick look at the finishes I’m loving…

And now, after moving everything in our bedroom to the opposite sides of the room:

And moving everything from the bathroom to upstairs… I believe I will rest my aching back for the day.