#2,742 Sunday in the Country.

Today was Ben’s daddy’s last Sunday at his church before he goes into retirement (again), though I don’t imagine he’s done with the pulpit forever. We all came up to be there in the pews for him this morning and as always, I was in awe of his message: people with scars on their lives are the ones with the best opportunity to share the light of Jesus. Perfection is intimidating, but painful experiences draw us closer to God and make Him accessible to those who watch us go through it. I’m proud to call him my daddy-in-law and I’m thankful that the man who takes care of me shares his gene pool. 

Tonight on the way home we made a stop in Tupelo at Kermit’s to hang out with a group of folks who are revitalizing the downtown there and let me tell you: it will make you feel like you’re doing important work to say the thing you’re passionate about and to see it reflected back in the eyes and nodding heads of the people you’re telling it to. After a gathering like this, I feel like I’m on fire for it all over again.