#2,346 The Folder.

Some little girls start planning their dream wedding in junior high, but my 13-year-old heart just dreamed about houses. In 8th grade I took this old accordion folder and started stealing pages from my mama’s Coastal Living and Southern Living magazines. In high school and college, I fell in love with Cottage Living and Country Living and kept sticking those snippets of inspiration and paint swatch strips that made me happy in my beloved, ragged folder.  
I drew kitchens and cottages in my high school art classes while everyone else was trying to master the self portrait. There are things in here that date back to 1998 and inspire me to this day. Tonight I made an accordion folder for season 1 and felt like a kid again, so I dug my old friend out of the back of my closet.

God is so good to give us the desires of our heart that we never knew were possible.