#2,345 Andrew.

A few weeks ago, our executive producer, Kit, recommended we read this amazing little book called Town Inc. by an author named Andrew Davis whom she heard speak and met at a conference. I read the book, a kind of case study on all the things we’ve been doing as a group in Laurel Main  Street without even realizing the things that made sense to us are actually part of these theories he has about how finding the thing that makes your town unique, and having a few visionaries who tell that story, can transform a place and all the businesses there. It’s fascinating.  

I read it and passed it along, and now everyone in Laurel Main Street who read it are making the ideas in this book our rallying cry. 

Kit sent him an email telling him about Laurel and what we are doing around here and he actually RESPONDED. I never expected him to. He’s interested in Laurel for research and would like to talk about it this week! I’m starstruck, y’all. 

What a blessing to find the very people we need for just such a time as this.