#2,344 New Sheets.

Listen, bed linens MATTER. A lot. To me, anyway. In fact, bedding on the whole is MAJOR. We got a fancy latex mattress and it’s worth every penny for the way it puts me to sleep the moment I climb in bed and makes my back feel when I wake up (Jamison Lady Lark–get one people, trust me!). Cool, breathable sheets are just as important when you live in the Deep South and share the bed with a human furnace, and believe me–I’ve tried the high dollar Pottery Barn ones and Walmart ones alike. I’ve found that I don’t care for the high thread count varieties because they’re too flimsy and seem to pill after a few washings. I like sheets that feel like a broken-in men’s dress shirt: smooth and soft, but crisp. They should be white (in my mind that makes them cooler in the summer, but also, bleachable for the ultimate fresh and clean smell) and they should wrinkle badly  if left in the dryer. I’m also a fan of washing the sheets twice a week, which means they wear out fast, which was my recent predicament with fraying edges and holes appearing at the hem. Yesterday we bought a new set of the Threshold Vintage Washed Percale from Target that may be the supreme bed linens for all the reasons above…  

And because they were just $50 for the set. Sweet dreams!