#2,350 Planting + First Kiss.

This afternoon I finally took care of my pitifully dead potted plants by digging them up and refreshing them with new vincas, petunias, lavender, celosia and begonias.



I’m gonna try my very best to keep them alive through the end of the summer!

Why is it that my brain refuses to remember to water plants but never forgets to kick the wheel on the base of our coffee table?

In other news, Ben made a ton of progress on an enormous cabinet he’s building for the new bakery downtown and I’m just so proud of him and his talent, I could bust:

AND… our friends Bill and Jody got engaged! Afterward we had dinner which led to telling stories about proposals and first kisses. On our way back to Laurel, we stopped at the same gas station where Ben got a peach Nehi before our first kiss……. So naturally we did a shot by shot reenactment (of December 10, 2004 around 4 am, after leaving a club where we were DDs for our friends which was our super weird first date) for posterity, complete with that lame song that played nonstop on the radio back then:

This video has cracked me up and delighted me to no end. We aren’t sentimental people AT ALL. Ha!