#2,371 Father’s Day Part 2.

After breakfast with Ben’s family where I managed to get a quick selfie with The Rev on his way out the door to church:

(As soon as I took the picture he had a huge grin on his face, but you’d never know it…)

We hit the road and headed home to Laurel to celebrate with my family. In lieu of a gift he wouldn’t really need or want anyway, I decided to come bearing daddy’s favorite dessert: cherry cheesecake pie.   

I forced daddy to take a selfie with me too, and he managed the tiniest smile for me.

We had big plans to grill then eat outside but as soon as the burgers came off the grill, the rain began to fall.  

It was the best kind of surprise summer shower. And how lucky am I to have spent today with all the men I love the most?