#2,385 Savannah.

The day started off with the most delicious breakfast sandwiches at Goose Feathers Cafe just around the corner from our hotel, then we set out visiting tons of stores that we’ve admired for a while to talk to their managers about problem solving and all kinds of merchandising questions. We didn’t do much shopping–just learning. And it was awesome.


We did a little tourist photography:   

  When dinner rolled around, at the insistence of literally everyone in the world, we decided to walk over to the Olde Pink House for supper in their tavern, which reminded me a lot of the tavern at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Mass., our favorite place in the northeast.  

 And then we came to Tybee Island to see the firework show but they moved it to tomorrow…  

 So we walked down to the shore and figured we would turn back and make the long hike back to the car, but Lucy started to whimper because she wanted to see the beach. We told her it was dark and wouldn’t be much fun anymore, but she was heartbroken. Uncle Big asked if she wanted to walk down the beach with him and meet us at the next boardwalk. She nodded yes, and he toted her down to the water, bouncing her on his hip as they went.

And my heart for this bear of a man feels so full I could cry.