#2,789 Sweet Celebrations.

The French bakery we love in Hattiesburg is closing. For years, Big has always made early morning trips to surprise me with almond croissants when I woke up on special occasions. Turning a year older, our anniversary. Today we had a morning meeting in Hattiesburg and stopped by for one last croissant. I bought the ones they had left for my freezer. This is what celebrating tastes like.

Oddly enough, we celebrate my parents’ anniversaries and daddy’s birthday with his favorite dessert of all: cherry cheesecake. I called in an order of mini size ones from Sweet Somethings, our favorite little bakery here in Laurel, for tonight’s cookout at my brother’s house because we were celebrating our parents’ 43rd year of marriage. 

After dinner, daddy started doling out the cheesecakes, one for each of us, even as mama protested, “I can’t! I’m just too full!” He told us to hold them up and toast, to give thanks for our family and many more years to come.

And we all ate them, no matter how we full we were, because they were so delicious it was impossible not to.

I know it’s only flour and sugar, but I’m thankful that in a place like Mississippi, croissants and cheesecakes are also memory and love.


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