#2,792 Bedtime Reading.

Lately I’ve been reading Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott at bedtime, prompted by my friend Lisa who recommended her books when I realized I picked it up at a garage sale years ago and put it on the bookcase for someday.

I find so much comfort in her raw, funny and honest writing. Her life in the past before she was a believer was rife with drugs and bad relationships, and while I can’t relate to those particular valleys, it’s easy to think of my own years as a rebellious teenager and as a lazy believer until halfway through college, when the son of a preacher man reminded me why I needed my faith all over again. I love to read the work of Christians who have struggled with doubt but always eventually found their way back to the light through God’s mercies and grace. He gives us trials to strengthen our bond with Him and her writing reminds me of that every night when I’m drifting to sleep. I recommend it.