#2,389 Lunch + Take Heart.

Today is one of the last regular lunch dates we will have for a couple months since we start filming block 2 next week, and I relished it very much. He always knows what I like to order (the French onion soup) and never forgets to add 4 pickles on the side. He’s had a weird twitchy eyelid and muscle cramps lately, so he ordered bananas for his side, which was oddly funny to me. 

We talked about regular things and saw a few friends having lunch too. And I so appreciate life in this small town, where our comforting routines and old friendships carry us from one day to the next. 

This was a bright spot in a day that otherwise weighed heavily on my heart. There’s so much in the world that’s trying to drown out the good, the light of love. I’m worried about the world and what’s happening all around it. About the violence and the huge chasms being created between us all by the media and the politics. There is a reason I rarely even glance at the news. It’s too much. I’m thankful that we can ‘take heart because God has overcome the world.’ No matter how this world spirals out of our control, the One who loves us holds us all in His hand no matter what. I’m most thankful for that.