#2,388 Piddlin + Painting.

With only this week off from filming to cross off the supersize list of regular, boring, real life tasks I’ve neglected for weeks while we’ve been working, I ran errands from sun up until sun down and seriously enjoyed every moment. Even as a little kid I begged mama to take me with her to run errands and piddle around town. I think I’ve always been in love with the feeling of accomplishment found in scratching tasks off a list. Today’s list started with 20 items and I have at this point crossed off 15, which feels dang good to have only 5 things left to do tomorrow (one of which includes buying a new bath mat as ours has mysteriously disappeared). Today I also got several paintings done for block 2. Woo!   

And tonight they turned on the new lights downtown and it made my heart sing. This is what a comeback looks like, thanks to Laurel Main Street who have brought the life (and the lights) back to downtown Laurel: