#2,425 Walker Comes to Work.

This morning mama stopped by the production office while we were having meetings and she had my sweet, nearly 3-year old nephew, John Walker, in tow. He came in hiding behind her leg with a little brown paper bag in his hand. Inside the bag were a few toy trains. Since we had a get together at the office last night there were lots of crackers and cheese left in the kitchen and when I asked him if he would like a cracker, he whispered, “Yes.” And took the cracker and nibbled on it until Uncle Big came in and one upped me with the offer of a little blue macaron. After a while, he climbed down from my mama’s lap and took the bag of trains to the kitchen. He carefully unpacked them one at a time, connected the cars, then pulled them round and round him as he sat on the floor, quietly talking to Thomas the train and his coal car friend. He never whined or fussed the whole hour they were there, and he gave me a kiss every time I asked for one. God was too generous when he gave John Walker to our family. What would the world be without darling nephews who break and fill our hearts up with love?


Today I’m thankful for FaceTime when I’m bone tired and don’t feel like getting out of the house or car and Ben goes for me. He always calls me on FaceTime to show me things and make sure he’s buying the right trash bags, soda, peanut butter. Isn’t technology amazing?