#2,873 Party Animals.

It’s been a long week. 

Next week we will enter the final stretch of filming with 1 month left of season 2. The time change will mean the cameras start rolling even earlier, around 6 am, and we will lose our light earlier in the day, accelerating our schedule even as I get closer to the end of pregnancy (and more tired). 

For now, we are keeping our heads above water thanks to the amazing team we work with, and these days (and indefinitely, as a baby becomes part of our world), weekends are no longer a time for socializing. They’re a time to collapse and take care of ourselves. And tonight that meant steaks, salad, asparagus and potatoes (for me) cooked at home, a bubble bath and pajamas by 7 pm, Stranger Things by 8, and bed by 9. 

Our days of making weekend plans may be behind us, but I have to tell you. The homebody life is sweet.