#2,468 Top of Texas + Ben’s 33rd.

We started the day with a super authentic Mexican breakfast with our new friend, Paul, who was one of our hosts from the Witchita County Heritage Society this weekend and it. Was. Awesome.

Because today is Ben’s 33rd birthday, he ate everything he wanted. Including the world’s best (and biggest) breakfast burrito.

Then we spent the day getting to know the incredibly kind and welcoming folks of Wichita Falls at the Top of Texas market where we made two presentations on what we’re doing to preserve a piece of American history in our little town. I couldn’t believe we got to finally meet a few long time Instagram friends!

And on our lunch break we went to the top of WF’s most famous building: the world’s littlest skyscraper. It’s only 480″ tall and the inside is just filled with flights of stairs and 4 landings. So quirky, which we love.

And tonight to celebrate Ben’s birthday, we had a date night on the town doing only the things he loves by going to a Corvette show, then a movie (Hell or High Water, which was a fantastic western starring Jeff Bridges who is one of my all-time favorites):

Then dinner at McBride’s, an awesome steakhouse. Doesn’t get more Texas than that does it?

Of course there was birthday dessert…

Happy birthday, Big. How lucky am I to spend every day with you?